Tokenize, Innovate, Monetize
The Nekoin Protocol is a tokenization platform with a compliance-centric ecosystem made up of three main components - a hybrid blockchain wallet (SurgePay), Blockchain Enabled Systems and multiple licenses working together to spearhead mass adoption by building more blockchain communities in the Philippines and beyond.

Our Core Products

Initial Gateway Opening Project (IGOP) is a web based tool that lets businesses generate their own Binance Smart chain based tokens (BEP 20 type) based on pre prepared business use case templates.

Want to give your employees the option to receive a portion of their salary in tokens? Or maybe give more value to the points you provide to customers holding loyalty cards that can be used at any of your restaurants? IGOP provides you with the platform to do these and more

Our First Product

The SURGEPAY app is the first product launched by the Nekoin Protocol for Surge Mobile Access and Direct Agent 5 Inc. (DA5) these companies aim to tap the religious community with over 10,000,000 members paired with the remittance system of DA5 who is the largest distributor of western union in the country and powers over 4,000 physical branches nationwide with over $500M in yearly remittances. The aim of the SURGEPAY app is to simplify offerings for religious communities and lower remittances fees through the blockchain. Another major pain point that the SURGEPAY app solves is the cash-in and cash-out of traditional businesses in the Philippines.

Main Benefits:

  • Hybrid Wallet - The hybrid wallet allows to connect via web3 wallets including trust wallet and metamask to allow users to have more options when using the surgepay app.
  • Complete Bills Payment Solution - Allows users to pay most bills available in the Philippines from utilities, transport, government services and more.
  • Token Exchange - The Token exchange solution allows users to swap tokens through this system with minimal fees and multiple cash-in and cash-out options
  • Highly Compliant System - This wallet works with multiple regulatory bodies with compliance at its forefront as well as licensing facilities for local and offshore use.
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Protocol Benefits
Blockchain technology helps minimize the need for third-party systems to conduct your business. It also allows industries to transfer data in a secure system with minimal cost.
Cost Efficient
You don’t need to spend money on blockchain developers and additional tools and plugins to tokenize your business. Simply work with Nekoin Protocol and maximize the tools and services that are regularly updated in the system.
You have free rein to conduct business worldwide through cryptocurrency. The best part, though, is once a process has been properly tested and set, it can be recreated, allowing you to manage scaled operations either through increasing transactions or replicating processes in different scenarios.
The Nekoin Advantage

Nekoin holders will be part of an ecosystem wherein they are able to maximize their holdings allowing them five different options of what they can do with their held Nekoin. These options are beneficial as they provide a constant flow of opportunities and by holding a certain amount of Nekoin, you gain access to participate in them.

Whitelist Opportunities

One of the best ways you can get into exclusive white list opportunities with our custom and partner tokens is just by simply holding Nekoin in your wallet or participating in our limited staking pools. These opportunities will only be available for certain holders and everyone in the project has an equal change to participate as long as the hold Nekoin in their wallet. Currently we have a number of project partners coming in (including a game and an asset-backed token) - we will announce the whitelisting requirements to be participate in their presale as they are all part of the Nekoin Ecosystem.


We will also have multiple types of staking opportunities available for holders. The types of staking pools we have will be based both on time-based staking and limited reward staking. An example of Limited rewards would be partner tokens willing to give out limited tokens for their rewards and we will only allow people to stake if there is still available gains within the staking pool. These limited staking pools will be constantly updated depending on the projects available in the platform so it would be good to hold a certain amount of tokens so you can immediately participate anytime a staking pool is opened.

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Our Partners

Who's On Board?
We have secured partnerships with Impero Corporation, FinAsia Tech, SD5 Remittance and several other strategic partners with the same vision and eagerness to advance towards Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.
Where we're headed
We're leveraging on the benefits of Scrum to deliver key features at break-neck speed. Join or follow us through the following Social media channels to stay updated!
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Q1 2023
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Q2 2023
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Q3 2023
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