The Team
The Nekoin Protocol team is composed of professionals with over 10 years of experience from multiple industries including Digital Marketing, Financial Technology, Outsourcing and Blockchain Development. They have combined this experience to create the Nekoin Protocol in order to help traditional businesses transition to blockchain technology in the most seamless way possible.
Real Use. Real Application. Real Change
To provide businesses and organizations with a seamless path towards Web3 solutions.
Francis Jimenez
Known as the CRM “God”, Francis brings on board his experience in Digital and Content Marketing. He has been an early adopter of Blockchain when Bitcoin was only “Magic Internet Money”. He leads the charge and brings his Digital and Cryptocurrency experience to the table.
Charles Inducil
Charles has been involved in the growth of multiple global companies and is an expert in developing businesses. Adept in reading the markets and having the ability to spot trends before they happen has made him very successful in Stocks and Cryptocurrency trading. He is our Chief Financial Officer and brings his years of experience and global connections to Nekoin.
Jonathan Lizarondo
Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of HOP-E. A “Macro” guy who is always willing to help and serve, he is also our global payments maven; equally successful in his multiple businesses from which he brings his expertise and “heavy’ Blockchain connections to make the Nekoin team more robust and prepared to serve Philippine businesses and the World.
John Roger Rustia
John Roger is a young and brilliant Technology expert and leader with a background in agile methodology, interactive design, and web development. Well-experienced in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and machine learning, he is also one of the few Filipino “Binance Angels” that onboarded and implemented Binance in the Philippines. He is the President of AIRo Limitless Solutions Inc. and serves the Nekoin Team as its Chief Technology Officer.
Jay Koh
Jay has over 20 years of meticulous dedicated sales and marketing professional with demonstrated leadership skills aimed at achieving goals. Proven success in managing sales team with a view to increasing customer base and boosting profits. Well-organized with great attention to detail aimed at executing sales programs in conjunction with set company directives. Currently he is actively playing the advisory role for blockchain projects.