What is IGO?

Welcome to the Initial Gateway Opening Project (IGOP). The Initial Gateway Opening Project of Nekoin Protocol will be the bridge for your seamless transition from traditional to tokenization. There are 3 initial templates included in our ready-for-you IGO's: Rewards, Crypto Exchange, and Salary.

Our protocol makes this possible by providing you with simple and secure ways to tokenize your business without having to worry about the technical details of tokenization.

Welcome to IGO

We've made tokenization easy for you. To know more about this revolutionary product, we've prepared a quick video to get you up to speed. Watch the other videos below to know our IGO products in better detail.

NEKO Rewards

This is your rewards program that you can use to entice your customers to buy more and stay local to your brand. Nek Rewards can be integrated into the Nekoin economy and you can reach our communities available in social media, blockchain wallet app and more.

NEKO Xchange

We can create tokens for your payment system and integrate this into your store so you can start accepting payments via crypto and through the blockchain wallet (in supported countries)

NEKO Salary

Nekoin also pioneers the salary option for your employees and this will make it simpler for you to handle payroll via our blockchain wallet and the option to cash-out via our 4,000 branches available now. more.